Patient Services

Medicus Health Partners is a GP partnership delivering primary care services at 15 of our practice sites .

In addition to our GP practices we also provide a Care Home service in Enfield which covers 25 Enfield care homes and supports over 1000 care homes patients. This service is provided 7 days a week 8am till 8pm and has helped to support older people and avoid hospital admission. We work with our community Nursing Colleagues the CHAT team to provide a joined up holistic service to manage medical complexity in our elderly population.

We also provide a 7 day access service 8am to 8pm for Primary care appointments based out of our 7 day access Hub Carlton House surgery . These appointments can be booked via NHS 111, or via any of our 15 Medicus Practice sites.

Medicus Health Partners provides all essential primary care services at each practice site and some of our hub sites provide additional services.

Essential Services

Essential Services

  • Medicus provides care to our patients who are unwell, for the duration of their condition, including relevant health promotion advice and referral as appropriate, reflecting patient choice wherever practicable
  • Management of patients who are terminally ill
  • Management of chronic disease such as Diabetes, Asthma, COPD etc
  • Health promotion and prevention
  • Full immunisation and vaccination services including Flu vaccination and Childhood immunisation

Additional Services

Our sites offer Minor surgery as well as a full range of contraceptive services. Patients can book these appointments after consultation with a clinician.

Enhanced Services

We offer an anticoagulation service based at two of our sites . This allows stable patients to be followed up in our practice as opposed to making frequent trips to hospital.

Our Primary Care network Enfield Unity PCN

One of the major changes in our practice is the formation of our Primary care network, known as Enfield Unity PCN. This went live in July 2019 and serves 1 in 2 Enfield Residents. Enfield Unity PCN will provide a wide range of services to our patients over the coming year. We are in the process of recruiting Clinical Pharmacists and Social Prescribers to our Primary care Network to help support patient care. This is very exciting for our patients and we will publish more updates as they emerge.

Essential Services