Medicus Superpartnership
Medicus Health Partners is in its 3rd year, offering patients in Enfield healthcare services now across 14 locations and 15 practices.  We have been working hard in the background to ensure our registered patients can go to any Medicus site, to get advice, support or attend appointments.  Our staff also support the sites when cover for sickness and holidays are needed, as we are now working to the same policies and procedures this is much easier. We have set up services in certain sites so our patients can attend appointments locally, and not have to travel to hospitals – we now offer Micro suction for ear wax, Joint injections, anti-coagulation clinics as a few examples.  We all work within Enfield Unity PCN to offer other services within the community and work together to share resources, learning and support within the PCN. The next step to enhance our connectivity and streamline some of our processes, and this will include some back-office upgrades and slight changes to the way the practices are organised and linked with the NHS.  We will move from being 15 NHS contracts working within a Super Partnership to being 1 Super Partnership contract. What does this mean for our patients?
  • You will not experience any major changes
  • Medicus will be working in the background to improve patient experience.
  • The locations will be the same
  • The, doctors, nurses and staff will be the same
  • You will have improved online access through the NHS App and will continue to be able to contact us through E-Consult in the same way
  • Phone numbers and email addresses will be the same
  • After 1st January 2021 you will have access to the NHS App
  • If you change address you can update your details in a much simpler fashion
Will I be able to access my medical records?   Yes, via Patient Access
How can I book routine tests? Booking tests and appointments will be the same, just use E-Consult, phone or walk into the practice or follow guidance from your GP or Healthcare professional.  
Will I still receive appointments reminders via text?   Yes, you will
I am registered with Bush Hill Park Medical Centre, moving within Enfield and will be nearer to Connaught Surgery, do I need to re-register, or can I just update my details?   No need to re-register just kindly update your address details.
My details are changing, who do I contact?   Contract your GP Practice site, we can then update your details
Where are my medical records stored? We have access to your electronic medical records at all of our 15 practice sites. Your paper record is also kept secure at one of our practice sites where you are registered  
Are you changing the names of the practices within Medicus?   The practice Medicus Health Partners has 14 locations and each location with retain its current name.
Electronic Prescription Service – EPS4

Medicus Health Partners are working to help improve the way prescriptions are handled, we are part of the new service, there are many benefits for our patients: The benefits of EPS are that:

  • We will be able to process your prescriptions more efficiently and spend less time dealing with prescription queries
  • Dispensers can reduce use of paper, have improved stock control, and provide a more efficient service to our patients
  • you can collect repeat prescriptions from a pharmacy without visiting your GP, and you won't have to worry about losing your paper prescription
More information will be coming shortly, please ask at reception or read the notices in our surgeries.

New Telephone System for Medicus Health Partner sites

MHP invest in new Telephone system for all locations, this will bring new options for our patients, please bear with us as we install at all the sites.

Medicus Newsletter, Issue 2, May-June 2019
Medicus Health Partners clinical governance newsletter

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